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It’s not as easy as you think, and Ron Meyers has a proven track record of over 39 years. My signature event, The Christmas City Gift Show, continually draws over 12,000 customers from over a 100 mile radius and our exhibitor space sells out each year.

My sincere desire is to help others with an existing event or help them build an event from the ground up. I work with you personally and I will share my extensive knowledge with you. It’s time to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

I will show you how to:

  • Increase your attendance
  • Maximize your advertising dollars, using creative thinking and media partnerships
  • Sell sponsorships
  • Utilize promotions through social media
  • Recruit AND retain quality exhibitors

What We Offer

Craft Show Bootcamp

The Ultimate Learning experience with THE Christmas City Gift Show. This is our seven days of on-site teaching, learning in action, to include show set-up, move-in, exhibitor interaction and customer involvement. You will be involved in every aspect of the complete execution of a successful event. You will learn throughout those seven days the combined experience of over a hundred years from our expert staff. You will gain more knowledge that, when implemented properly, will assist you in every aspect of being a show producer. Your hands-on learning is the ticket to long term success.

Concept to Execution

Assisting you with creation of your own event. We can offer incredible insight, wisdom and thoughts that can literally save you thousands of dollars. You cannot afford mistakes with the first year. Without proper execution and promotion, you will not only lose money but probably won’t have a year two unless you have unlimited resources of CASH!

Existing Show Tune-Up

Perhaps your event has become stagnant or is just barely surviving. We offer a fresh set of ideas and we not only want to teach you, but also encourage you to get excited about your event. A typical time frame might be 3-months with one hour per-week phone, Skype, or Facebook live helping you with the areas you need assistance with most.

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