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Ron Meyers Productions

Ron Meyers

Whether your event already exists or you're starting from scratch. I will work with you every step of the way and share my extensive knowledge with you.

Over 200 events with over one MILLION attendees!

Ron Meyers grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as part of a lower-middle-class family of nine. After finishing high school, he joined the Air Force and served for five years. In 1981, Ron established the Ron Meyers Production Company to provide quality entertainment and promote craft fairs, festivals, and concerts in the Gulf Coast region. Over the past 40 years, Ron has organized over 200 events, including the Christmas City Gift Show, the biggest of them all.

In 1999, Ron started Ron Meyers Ministries. This non-profit organization aims to empower, encourage, and inspire others to discover their God-given destiny. He uses podcasting, speaking, and writing to achieve this goal. Ron has also authored a children’s book, “Little Johnny and the Voice of Truth,” encouraging children to pursue their dreams. Additionally, Ron has shared his story in the novel, “The Promoter.”

Ron believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise to help other promoters or individuals build their events. He thinks having knowledge and not sharing it with others is pointless.

Christmas City Book Camp

If you have ever considered producing your own event or tweaking your current special event, consider joining the Christmas City Book Camp. An experience that will give you access to over 40 years of excellence in producing The Greatest Show in the South!

Behind the Scenes

Ron Meyers Productions is looking for like-minded individuals who would like to work behind the scenes of The Christmas City Gift Show. This incredible opportunity will let you participate in the set-up, move-in, ticket sales, customer interaction, vendor interaction, and move-out. 


This hands-on experience will teach you things you can only learn by a hands-on approach. You will leave the event with confidence and eager to put your talents to work and earn money as a successful show promoter!

Craft Show Boot Camp

Join us for The Christmas City Gift Show’s five-day on-site learning experience! You’ll be able to participate in every aspect of a successful event, from show set-up to exhibitor and customer interaction. Our expert staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. By the end of the event, you’ll have gained valuable knowledge that will assist you in becoming a successful show producer. This hands-on learning experience is your ticket to long-term success!

Concept to Execution

Assisting you with the creation of your own event. We can offer incredible insight, wisdom, and thoughts that can literally save you thousands of dollars. You cannot afford mistakes in the first year. Without proper execution and promotion, you will not only lose money but probably won’t have a year two unless you have unlimited resources of CASH!

Existing Show Tune-up

Perhaps your event has become stagnant or is just barely surviving. We offer a fresh set of ideas and we not only want to teach you, but also encourage you to get excited about your event. A typical time frame might be 3-months with one hour per-week phone, Skype, or Facebook live helping you with the areas you need assistance with most.

We can help you achieve your dreams! Contact me now.